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What's the difference between "Resources", "Opportunities" and "Events"?

Resources refers to things that others might use in their creative work such as equipments, funding sources or physical spaces for use.
Opportunities refer to new openings such as jobs, auditions & call for proposals amongst others.
Events include performances, talks & workshops.

The submit form will prompt you accordingly depending on your submission type.

What happens to the images that I upload?

At the moment, all images will be automatically cropped into the top-left corner of the image into 300x300 pixels square. We are working on an upload & crop mechanism that will allow you to crop your images to your liking.


How do I get selected for "Six Degrees pick"?

Items posted are selected by our moderators based on quality…


What's the difference between a "Premium" member and an "Organization" member?

These two member groups get access to the advanced features on the website and special privileges at our workshops and events. Find out more at our Account Comparison page.