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What is Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is a ground-up, new community of independent professionals, freelance artists, practitioners and businesses from across the ecosystem of the arts & creative industries – currently without precedence in Singapore.


To level the playing field for some, to help raise the bar for others; to share, collaborate and find one another, ineluctably.

Six Degrees serves as an interchange for jobs, resources and knowledge and a platform for thoughts, ideas and sector leadership that will help shape the growth of the arts and creative industries in Singapore and potentially the region.

Who is behind Six Degrees and who started or own it?

Six Degrees (incorporated as 6 Degrees Pte Ltd) is a strategic initiative of, and wholly owned by Emily Hill - a creative cooperative started by Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI), glass artist Tan Sock Fong and sculptor Sun Yu-Li To learn more about Emily Hill, visit

Why the name Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is a short name, taken from the initial title of the project – Six Degrees of Inspiration, a play on the expression "six degrees of separation". It is all about the inherent and inevitable connections that people have with everyone else. The name is appropriate in that it serves to emphasise that this project is about the integral connectedness, interdependence, of the individuals and entities involved in the domains of the different sectors in the creative industries.

We believe that there are circuits, alignments of unimagined points of contact, which when activated by the association, serves as a channel for fabulous new energies that light up the entire field, a conduit of inspiration.

What are the creative industries?

There are over 17 subsectors in the arts & creative industries, which include animation, film, broadcast, music, theatre, publishing, digital media, design, visual arts, photography, dance, gaming, advertising, architecture and literary arts.

Six Degrees’ scope crosses all these sectors that together, establish the creative industries.

Who are freelancers?

A freelancer is usually self-employed and earns a living by carrying on a trade, business, profession or vocation usually independently and on short-term contracts. For our purposes, a freelancer can also be a sole proprietor who owns their own business or a moonlighter (i.e. someone who holds a stable day job and carries out freelance services in his/her spare time).

Why be a member of Six Degrees?

To be a member of Six Degrees is to be part of an open, creative community that respects artistic work, values freedom, independence & creativity; 'a movement' almost, to connect with one another, share experiences, resources and insights, and benefit from the critical mass of the network.

The community will also help those who are relatively new, with experienced veterans of the industry giving back and helping to nurture the next generation of practitioners in their sectors.

Job Opportunities. Relevant Resources. Community Connections.
As part of the Six Degrees community, freelancers from across the creative industries will (once its fully on track!) have the best access to resources, the most up-to-date job opportunities, projects, and audition calls through our network of businesses and the community itself. At the same time, corporate members and project owners seeking talent will have informed access to independent professionals in the creative industries in Singapore and beyond.

Other benefits (again, once its fully on track) include:

  • Collaboration and exchange opportunities
  • Help with access to funding resources
  • Industry/sector Networking opportunities
  • Platforms to develop new and interesting works
  • Discounted rates for essential resources/ products & services
  • Professional development
  • Showcasing capabilities
  • Shared production resources
  • Industry insights
  • Breaking industry news
  • Curated, aggregated content

Ultimately, the community will encourage and help build collaborations, forge valuable professional relationships and create new opportunities by connecting independent professionals across sectors to businesses seeking to fill positions for creative jobs and projects.

What are the membership packages like?

Please refer to the 'Membership' section.

Who advises Six Degrees?

Six Degrees holds community engagement as a high priority.

Development plans are guided by two key advisory panels:
- Sector Champions are themselves practitioners who may be controversial but are well respected by their peers. They help identify gaps and opportunities in the various sectors, provide feedback and help keep us grounded. They are often people who are passionate about seeing their sectors improve and grow.
- The International Business Panel, which in the process of being formalised, will bring their extensive business networks to benefit the Six Degrees community. These range from interesting project opportunities, access to resources and funding to providing strategic advice for future developments.

How is it funded?

Through significant investment from Emily Hill as well as a seed grant for the CIFN project (Creative Industries Freelancers Network) awarded by the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (MICA) in early 2009 which helped kick-start Six Degrees. Strategic partners are also investing significantly in technology development. Beyond development costs and investments, the operating income will be a sustained mix of business development projects, membership fees and consultations.

Where is it located?

Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.