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Six Degrees is a ground-up, community of people from across the ecosystem of the arts & creative industries - currently without precedence in Singapore.

It aims to level the playing field for some, to help raise the bar for others, to share, collaborate and find one another, ineluctably.

Six Degrees is all about the inherent and inevitable connections that people have with everyone else; and the integral connectedness, perhaps even the inter-dependence, of the individuals involved in the domains of art, design, creativity and the various other agglomerations called the "creative industries".

It is a community that values freedom, independence and originality.

Together with this community, we will work on initiatives to benefit the people and grow the creative sectors including:
  • assisting with access to jobs,collaborations, and opportunities for professional development;
  • connecting freelancers as a community that can articulate its concerns, needs and challenges;
  • encouraging benchmarking, adoption of best practices, and continuing development.

For independent professionals and freelancers, the Six Degrees network will provide the best access to resources and work opportunities in Singapore and beyond.

For businesses and project owners seeking talent, the network will provide the most informed access to independent professionals and freelancers in the arts & creative industries in Singapore & beyond.

This project was conceived by the founding members of Emily Hill (Intercultural Training Institute (ITI), glass artist Tan Sock Fong and sculptor Sun Yu-Li), as a networked marketplace for collaborations and exchange to benefit independent creatives, freelance artists, industry practitioners, and businesses in the creative industries. Six Degrees is a strategic project of Emily Hill's mission to make creative practice in Singapore more sustainable by facilitating direct collaboration between independent professionals and businesses